Rodney Martin Fights the Machine

By Dennis “DJ” Mikolay

When the United States of America was first established, the founders were careful to include certain liberties to protect the American people from tyranny. Our freedom of press, religion, and speech helped to do the unthinkable: establish a government ofby, and for the people.

Indeed, Americans were to be free to criticize their government, assemble in protest, and voice their concerns in print media, without fear of government censorship or retaliation. It was a concept that was revolutionary at the time, and it was an idea Americans were willing to fight and die for.

How horrified our Founding Fathers would be to learn that one of America’s most sacred liberties, the notion that every vote truly counts, is under attack in California.

Few people are as outraged at this situation as Rodney Martin, Vice-Chairman of the Reform Party of the United States. As a resident of California, he wants voters to recognize the danger of California’s Proposition 14, which many activists feel is a death sentence for third parties. The legislation will essentially establish an unbreakable two-party duopoly over the state, rendering the election of a third party candidate nearly impossible.

“Under Proposition 14 & S.B. 6 write-in votes will not be counted nor will ‘minor party’ votes,” said Martin. “I am a plaintiff in current litigation to over-turn this legislation, which is designed to lock out any [third party].”

While the Reform Party of California is considered a “minor party,” it is by no means a trivial entity; thousands of centrist voters, no longer represented by the two major parties, have joined the Reform Party’s ranks.

“I believe the last time I looked at a recent report from the Secretary of State, there were thirty-three-thousand to thirty-five-thousand registered Reform Party members [in California]” said Martin.

Martin is not simply fighting for those thirty-three-thousands Reform Party members; he is defending all the voters that the State of California is attempting to silence, as well as the vision of our nation’s founding fathers.

One must remember that our first president, George Washington, was an ardent critic of political parties. Imagine how ashamed he would be if he knew that California wasn’t even going to bother counting votes unless they were cast for the two major parties!

While Martin is outraged by Proposition 14, he is disheartened at the public’s apathy regarding the issue.

“What do you think would happen if there were laws proposed that would limit the choice of Americans to only two different choices of shoes,” said Martin. “There would be riots! But Americans are so…programmed that they allow themselves to be limited to just two corrupt political parties.”

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