Letter Featured in Asbury Park Press

The following letter was recently featured in the Asbury Park Press.

“As a member of a third party, I have never affiliated myself with either the Republican or Democratic establishments. I have always been an advocate of voting for the best candidate on the ballot, regardless of party affiliation.

In Middletown, Republicans Tony Fiore and Stephanie Murray, two champions of fiscal responsibility, certainly fulfill that qualification.

And yet, there are still those who blast the Republicans sitting on the Middletown Township Committee. Democrats, in particular, have begun making ludicrous accusations regarding Mayor Tony Fiore’s economic views.

It is the same song and dance number performed every election cycle: whichever Middletown Republicans are seeking office are accused of raising taxes and reckless spending. These baseless claims directly contradict reality and the committee’s stellar record of accomplishment.

In a recent letter, Democratic Committeewoman Marilyn Tuohy accused the mayor of raising taxes and “hiding the truth” about Middletown’s fiscal operations. The truth is that the Middletown Township Committee has kept a firm hold on the monetary leash.

The success of Mayor Fiore’s programs can be seen on a daily basis. Middletown boasts the smallest per capita police force in Monmouth County, yet the lowest crime of any municipality. The town only employs 300 people, thus operating with a much smaller public sector than most similarly sized communities. Middletown, which has a AA bond rating, has been praised by Moody’s Investor Services for its fiscal integrity.

If one actually studies the truth regarding the state of operations within Middletown, it entirely eliminates any need to vote for the Democratic candidates. Mayor Fiore and his fellow Republicans have gone to great lengths to keep taxes low and morale high.”

-Dennis Mikolay


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