New Column @ IVN: Ballot Fusion Creates Controversy in NYC Mayoral Race

It’s no secret that I am heavily critical of “ballot fusion,” which allows candidates to seek the nomination of multiple parties at one time. In New York, the practice has severely muddied up the electoral process and corrupted  some once-noble organizations. Because I believe the hierarchy of the Empire State’s alternative parties will be drastically altered in the coming year, I have decided to write some articles on the matter to document the change as it progresses. The first of these is available at IVN now. -DJ

“While candidates outside the two major parties are usually labeled irrelevant at best and spoilers at worst in most states, alternative parties harness great influence in New York, power that is almost entirely due to the unique process known as ‘ballot fusion.’ Ballot Fusion allows candidates to simultaneously appear as nominees of multiple parties.” [Click Here!]

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