New Column @ IVN: Open Primaries Spark Debate

By Dennis “DJ” Mikolay

“To observers and pundits, it is often hard to pin down exactly what caused the rotting of America’s sacred right of voting and the accompanying skepticism on behalf of voters. For former California State Senator Stephen Peace, it boils down to the primaries.

As one of the members of the Independent Voter Network’s Board of Directors, Senator Peace has argued for the abolition of the traditional closed partisan primary in favor of the open, non-partisan model, which would allow voters to support any candidate they choose, regardless of party affiliation. Whichever two candidates receive the most votes will move on to the General Election (even if they both represent the same party). It’s a controversial idea, but after witnessing the system in action during its brief implementation in California more than a decade ago, Senator Peace became convinced such reforms improved the function of government and enfranchised independents.” [READ MORE]

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