The Column

The column that would eventually evolve into The Populist Approach first appeared in the Atlantic Highlands Herald, an independent New Jersey newspaper, in 2009.

Originally titled Third Party Voices, the column was originally intended to shine a spotlight on alternative party politics in the Garden State. As time progressed stories began to also focus upon international issues.

By 2010, the column frequently featured stories pertaining to Republicans and conservative Democrats, a trend that ultimately culminated in the column being re-named The Populist Approach in April 2011.

One Response to The Column

  1. Ewelina says:

    Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann have been reporting the ctproraoe control of the teabaggers for the last 11-12 months. Rachel has talked about Koch’s influence before. Therefore, anything that helps get the truth out, such as the New Yorker article, is a great service to America.

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