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New Article @ IVN: Christie Whitman Supports Open Primaries, Inclusive Politics

“I support open primaries, which force candidates to talk to everyone, not just the small minority who vote in primaries,” said Governor Whitman. “The ten percent average primary turnout we have in this country has produced the polarization we are … Continue reading

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New Article @ IVN: Same-Sex Marriage Legal in NJ

By Dennis “DJ” Mikolay “As has been the case in almost all places, New Jersey’s gay rights struggle has had a long (and often perilous) history. From its earliest days, when Manny’s Den, a popular gay discotheque, fought for its right … Continue reading

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New Article @ IVN: Voters Forced to Choose Between Lesser of Two Evils

By Dennis “DJ” Mikolay   “When it comes to New Jersey’s Senate races, the GOP typically runs candidates that are center-right with moderate social views, as was the case with Dick Zimmer in 2008 and Joe Kyrillos four years later. … Continue reading

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New Column @ IVN: Bob Barr Campaigns on Individual Liberty

By Dennis “DJ” Mikolay This was a very exciting column to write. I was finally able to interview former Libertarian Party presidential candidate and Republican Congressman Bob Barr, an individual who has undergone one of the most fascinating (and positive) political … Continue reading

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New Column @ IVN: Bitcoin Presents New Questions About Campaign Finance Laws

The Federal Election Commission (FEC), entrusted with monitoring the finances and expenditures of electoral campaigns, has long irked radical libertarians, who are dedicated to a drastic downsizing (or the complete. [Click Here]

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New Column @ IVN: Ballot Fusion Creates Controversy in NYC Mayoral Race

It’s no secret that I am heavily critical of “ballot fusion,” which allows candidates to seek the nomination of multiple parties at one time. In New York, the practice has severely muddied up the electoral process and corrupted  some once-noble … Continue reading

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New Column @ IVN: Governor Chris Christie Faces Challengers from All Sides

With high name recognition and widespread popularity, Governor Chris Christie haspositioned himself as the Republican Party’s foremost rock star, as evidenced by frequent media appearances and rampant speculation regarding a future presidential candidacy. However, despite his national celebrity, large segments … Continue reading

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