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Time to Stop Playing Games with the West End

As is now apparently unofficial tradition, last week’s City Council meeting featured memorable and occasionally heated exchanges between the Administration and opponents of the West End District Overlay (WEDO). As previously documented in this column, WEDO, ostensibly designed to mend … Continue reading

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West End Theatre: a Dismal Past, an Uncertain Future

Though the seaside community of Long Branch has once again found itself snarled in litigation related to real-estate, at last week’s City Council meeting, Mayor Adam Schneider seemed confident his vision for mixed-use properties in the West End neighborhood would … Continue reading

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New Proposals in West End

Several weeks ago, the debate regarding the future of West End’s zoning ordinances were documented in this column: the Long Branch City Council approved an overlay design that would allow Chabad, a religious organization, to construct a multiple-level house of … Continue reading

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Another Season, Another Controversy in Long Branch

Another season, another controversy in Long Branch. This time, the debate isn’t related to eminent domain abuse, Pier Village, or the long awaited reconstruction of the beloved boardwalk, but rather, the future of the quaint West End neighborhood. The local … Continue reading

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Christmas, Santa Claus, Arrives at the Jersey Shore

In many respects, December is the only time of year that can match the excitement of summer at the Jersey Shore. That may sound crazy, especially to those who hate winter or erroneously believe there isn’t anything worth seeing down … Continue reading

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It’s Election Day (Again), Asbury and Long Branch!

Asbury Park and Long Branch have long been viewed as something akin to sister cities. One-time tourist rivals, both communities were prestigious Victorian seaside resorts that competed to attract society’s upper crust to the pristine beaches and boardwalks. Both suffered … Continue reading

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In Long Branch, Jeff Bell Appeals to Republicans

Long Branch is known for many things—the beaches, boardwalk, dining, and diversity—but being a bastion of Republicanism is not one of them. Indeed, with a Democratic Mayor in office for twenty-two years, and a voter registration profile that benefits the … Continue reading

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