The following letter was sent in regarding the article “The Trail of the Century.”

“It is widely considered now that Karadzic was basically a puppet of Milosevic for most of the war. Well, maybe not a puppet, but was heavily guided and supported by him to do his bidding basically. So, the mastermind was more Milosevic than Karadzic, and hence also taken for more responsible for the wars than Karadzic.
And it was “only” 97,000 victims in Bosnia, not 200,000. Those are inflated figures by the Bosnian government from back in 1996… the latest ones are by an international commission from 2008 (I believe) and are the official for now.

And you call Karadzic “former Bosnian president” at one point, which he never was. He was the president of the Bosnian Serb Republic, but never Bosnia itself.

And aside that, you never mention the fact that it was not only Serbs who killed, but that they also got killed. There have been convictions to prove that, such as the recent one from 2 weeks ago of the Croatian national war hero, Ante Gotovina.”

-Anonymous, Minnesota

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